This month I started on a new photographic investigation of waste. We produce an unbelievable amount of waste, but I see so little of it around in daily life. In my investigation, I want to see whether waste is still really waste. After a day of taking photos, my first impression is that the processing of our food waste strongly resembles the way our food is produced: systematic and efficient.


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I won, with Food the Voies Off Prize 2014 during the Arles Photofestival.


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Cover volkskrant

De Volkskrant published on 29-05 my story on the Za’atari refugee camp supermarket in Jordan. I will upload the series soon on my website.


best verzorgde boeken


Geo  still

Jan Henne from  GEO  Magazine made a nice video Portret about my Food project.



feature shoot



Food was selected by Photo-eye as one of the best photobooks of 2013. Robin Uleman and I are very proud of that.


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The russian esquire published a big artikel about Food, in print and on there website. I can’t read it but it looks nice!


sint groot site

Tomorrow we celebrate Sinterklaas. I found this picture in my archives and i thought is was nice to show it to you.


martin parr site

Martin Parr selected Food for his top 10 list, best photobooks of the year 2013 in The British Journal of Photography. So be quick, the Dutch version almost sold out:).


Elspeth Grugger, correspondent from theFRS 2 Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, made a nice radio reportage about my exhibition in the Rijksmuseum, but its only in Schweitzer Duits and a little bit dutch.


site new york times

Today 1 page about my food project in the “new” International New York Times.. And there is a slide show on there website


I’m proud to present my new book ‘Food’ or for the Dutch edition, ‘Voedsel’. The book is the result of a two year project about Dutch food production and is designed by Robin Uleman. The project was a assignment from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and NRC news paper. Until 5th of january 2014 you can find the exhibition of the work in the Rijksmuseum. You can order the book in the store for 35 euro. Please let me know if you like the Dutch of English edition.


opening rijks site


opening site

Today my exhibition in the Rijks Museum started with very official opening! I’m very proud  to show my work in this beautiful museum. Go and have a look, its possible until 7th off january 2014.