Het boek HW8, geeft een uniek kijkje achter de hekken van de inmiddels gesloten Hemweg 8 kolen centrale aan de Amsterdamse ringweg A10. HW8 is bedoelt als geschenk voor de werknemers van de Hemweg centrale. Daarom zal dit boek helaas niet in de winkel verkrijgbaar zijn. Toch heb ik 50 exemplaren beschikbaar voor de verkoop. Het zijn genummerde en gesigneerde exemplaren met een printje van 25x 20 cm. Het printje heeft een sticker met handtekening en bijpassend editie nummer.




On the 23th december 2019 the last 100% coal powered energy plant from the Netherlands stopt producing Energy.
As a tribute to the workers who worked in some cases for more than 40 years in the plant, I made a video installation.
In the video, it seems as if the employees introduce themselves one by one before they finally pull the plug.

The video was projected on the 50 x 35 meter south wall of the plant for two week during the night



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Rooted is short listed for The Aperture 2019 Photobook Award!!


site cover rooted

My new book rooted is ready to ship. For more information about this book you can visit my website www.Rooted.nu


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Last night Ville de Calais received the Dutch Photbook price 2017/18. I’m very happy


Urban farming in Lianzhou, China, December 2018


Site cirle

Site cirle 2

Until the 25th feb 2017 you can visit my exhibition Defiant Gardens in the Circle Gallery in Amsterdam. This year I will finish this project and hopefully publish a new book about it.


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Ville de calais won the Arles Prix du Livre 2017. Robin and I are very honored and proud to win this prestiges prize.


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After careful consideration Robin and I decided to make a new cover for the book Ville de Calais. This will most probably be the final one, but… we will  know for sure when we start printing in February. The book will be released on 2th April


I can give you a preview of the new book i’m making with graphic designer Robin Uleman. The book will be published at the end of February 2016. I will start a crowdfunding in a view day. On this site you can pre order the book.


HenkWildschut (3)

© 2016 The Museum of Modern Art. Photo: Jonathan Muzikar

I am very proud to let you know that three of my works are currently exhibited in the MOMA NY at the exhibition of Sean Anderson:Tracing Displacement and Shelter

You can visit the exhibition till 22th january 2017


Cover voor site

Currently designer Robin Uleman and me are working on a new book, Ville de Calais. i hope to present the book in the first weeks of the year 2017. I will keep you updated.