CF016393defGEB, (City Energie Company.) Amsterdam. Docking station for waste bunker.

CF017539GEB, (City Energie Company.) Amsterdam, Waste bunker.

CF022623Sorting center, Icova. Amsterdam.










Umicore, Hoboken, Belgium. Precious metals refining.



Zaatari Camp, Jordan, April 2018

When war broke out in Syria in 2013, Brahim and his family fled from Daraa to the Zaatari refugee camp in northern Jordan, on the Syrian border. Brahim noticed that people in the camp enjoyed being surrounded by plants and flowers. He saw a way to make money, and together with his father opened a small flower and plant shop in the camp. So far, the little shop has done well. The best-selling plants are trees, because they will provide shade in the future. He also sells lots of gardenias. His personal favourite is the rose, because of its lovely fragrance.












Zaatari Camp, Jordan, April 2018

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Site cirle

Site cirle 2

Until the 25th feb 2017 you can visit my exhibition Defiant Gardens in the Circle Gallery in Amsterdam. This year I will finish this project and hopefully publish a new book about it.


In the Italian/French border town Ventimiglia hundreds of undocumented immigrants try to crosse the boarder with Franse. For me as a European citizen the borders look open as always, but for them its a hard border to crosse. French police is stopping ever “strange” looking person in a radius of 20 kilometers around the border and ask for documents. If they don’t have any they are send back to the Italian border. In december 2016 the Italian border police collected these returns, every day in a bus. When the bus was full they where transported back to the south of Italy. Far away from the French border. Back to the start.. almost a cynical game.

I made this work in assignment for the French ngo Medecines du Monde.

CF033175 ventimigliaMan from Nigeria just arrived at the train station of Ventimiglia

CF033182 ventimiglia

CF033598Man from Bangladesh walks back to from the boarder to  ventimiglia, 8 km, after being send back by the french police

CF033293Camera from Gambia will tray to cross the boarder to France via the sea site.  Now he is going to wash his face in the sea.

CF033411Locals from the village Grimaldi markt the trail through the mountains. The white strips will glow in the dark when you lit them with a flashlight, they say.


CF033404View on the French italian boarder with in the background the city Menton. On top of the mountain you can see the boarder fence at the so called ‘passo della More’.


CF033607Group of afghan boys, killing time on the beach of ventimiglia

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-14 om 09.45.23

Ville de calais won the Arles Prix du Livre 2017. Robin and I are very honored and proud to win this prestiges prize.

cover boek 2


After careful consideration Robin and I decided to make a new cover for the book Ville de Calais. This will most probably be the final one, but… we will  know for sure when we start printing in February. The book will be released on 2th April

I can give you a preview of the new book i’m making with graphic designer Robin Uleman. The book will be published at the end of February 2016. I will start a crowdfunding in a view day. On this site you can pre order the book.

Hazaan, Calais january 2016

HenkWildschut (3)

© 2016 The Museum of Modern Art. Photo: Jonathan Muzikar

I am very proud to let you know that three of my works are currently exhibited in the MOMA NY at the exhibition of Sean Anderson:Tracing Displacement and Shelter

You can visit the exhibition till 22th january 2017

Cover voor site


CF021026 100x75_COR

This is one of my first photos in the new camp in the dunes. I recognized these men. They ran a small shop in the old Jungle from which they had just been evicted. They immediately began building a new shop, the first in the new camp. I have no idea why they chose this particular spot.

Currently designer Robin Uleman and me are working on a new book, Ville de Calais. i hope to present the book in the first weeks of the year 2017. I will keep you updated.

CF022335 50 x 37,5_COR

The camp began growing rapidly from June onwards. On each visit, it had changed so much that I barely recognized it. The embankment of the ring road offered a broad view of the camp. The police also kept an eye on the developing Jungle from this spot.

CF028653 100x75_COR

16 december 2016

HW-weg 1 80x6029 march 2015

HW-weg 2 80x6026 April 2015

HW-weg 3 80x6016 july 2015

HW-weg 7 80x609 November 2015

foam site

HW-weg 10

12 March 2016


6 april 2016


July 2016

CF025371 100x75 _COR

site expo the wall 1

Nooit Meer slapen

Vpro Radio

Documentair fotograaf Henk Wildschut heeft naast het werk in opdracht voor kranten en tijdschriften, ook langlopende documentaire projecten geïnitieerd. Ontheemding, isolement en kwetsbaarheid zijn de terugkerende thema’s in Wildschuts werk. Voor de serie Shelter fotografeerde hij vanaf 2005 de provisorische onderkomens van vluchtelingen aan de randen van Fort Europa, zoals het onlangs ontruimde vluchtelingenkamp in de Franse havenstad Calais. De foto’s over de shelters in Europa zijn vanaf deze week te zien in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. Pieter van der Wielen spreekt met Henk Wildschut.


The Eritrean community had built a church in the very first month of the camp, in March 2015, but a month later the building was set alight by a fallen candle and burned down. The church bell was all that could be salvaged. Financial assistance from a Catholic church in Calais enabled them to start building a new church almost immediately. This striking building was located at the centre of the camp. On Sundays, the church services continued for hours.