tekst klopman

Calf. In 2009 Arjan Klopman enlarged his veal farm and moved to Witveld, a designated agricultural development area or LOG. LOGs were developed in the wake of major outbreaks of animal diseases such as swine flu and foot-and-mouth. LOG locations are more isolated and at a remove from heavily populated areas. Their purpose is to be able to tackle outbreaks of disease more quickly and destroy affected livestock with less impact on neighbouring companies. Additionally, LOGs are not allowed to have too many of the same kind of company, so as to avoid cross infection. That said, a LOG gives intensive cattle farms the opportunity to grow. In relocating to Witveld, Klopman has been able to expand his stock from 528 to 1168 calves. This increase was necessary to keep the business cost-effective. The calves now have 11% more room than legally required: 2 m2 instead of 1.8.