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My book Afstand is part of the 10 best photo Books of the year!!
I’m very proud. You can order the book on my website as well.
This site is only in Dutch, sorry for that.



I’m proud to tell you that I have been commissioned by the history department of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to docuemtent the current corona crisis in the Netherlands.

The work will be exibitied  in the Museum from October 2021.. if every thing goes wel..


On the 23th december 2019 the last 100% coal powered energy plant from the Netherlands stopt producing Energy.
As a tribute to the workers who worked in some cases for more than 40 years in the plant, I made a video installation.
In the video, it seems as if the employees introduce themselves one by one before they finally pull the plug.

The video was projected on the 50 x 35 meter south wall of the plant for two week during the night

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Rooted is short listed for The Aperture 2019 Photobook Award!!

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My new book rooted is ready to ship. For more information about this book you can visit my website

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Last night Ville de Calais received the Dutch Photbook price 2017/18. I’m very happy

Urban farming in Lianzhou, China, December 2018

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Ville de calais won the Arles Prix du Livre 2017. Robin and I are very honored and proud to win this prestiges prize.

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HenkWildschut (3)

© 2016 The Museum of Modern Art. Photo: Jonathan Muzikar

I am very proud to let you know that three of my works are currently exhibited in the MOMA NY at the exhibition of Sean Anderson:Tracing Displacement and Shelter

You can visit the exhibition till 22th january 2017

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Currently designer Robin Uleman and me are working on a new book, Ville de Calais. i hope to present the book in the first weeks of the year 2017. I will keep you updated.

Nooit Meer slapen

Vpro Radio

Documentair fotograaf Henk Wildschut heeft naast het werk in opdracht voor kranten en tijdschriften, ook langlopende documentaire projecten geïnitieerd. Ontheemding, isolement en kwetsbaarheid zijn de terugkerende thema’s in Wildschuts werk. Voor de serie Shelter fotografeerde hij vanaf 2005 de provisorische onderkomens van vluchtelingen aan de randen van Fort Europa, zoals het onlangs ontruimde vluchtelingenkamp in de Franse havenstad Calais. De foto’s over de shelters in Europa zijn vanaf deze week te zien in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. Pieter van der Wielen spreekt met Henk Wildschut.


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Only 7 days left to visit the exhibition Calais From Jungle to City, in the Foam museum in Amsterdam

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foam siteFebruary 2015                                                   December 2015

From Jungle to City will be the title of the exhibition about the expansion of the refugee camp in Calais witch i made over the last year. The exhibition will on show in the Foam Museum from 7th April 2016 till 5th off June


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For the annual photography special in De Volkskrant I made a series on European border patrol. During my first shoot in Hongary, in june 2015 the Hungarian parlement decided to build the fence on the border. 3 months later the fence was a fact and Europe changes a little bit more in to a fortress.

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If you are by chance in Mannheim and Ludwigshafen, between october and november please pay a visit to the foto festival. The festival is curated by Urs Stahel and is from exceptional quality, I think.

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The Magazine VN published a new story about the ‘jungle” of  Calais. This year i will follow de developments on the situation around the immigrants in Calais because i think the Camp will grow like never before. At this moment already 1500 people life in the dunes around the town and every day new arrivals are coming in.

expo guincamp

If you are by change in Brittany, France, between april and 17th may, please pay a visit to the exhibition Contre-Champs#5 in Guincamp. The expo is organized by art center Gwinzegal and shows my serie Food and work from Pierre Liebart, Daniel Michiels and Patrick Prado.

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Untill 11 jan 2015 you can visit the exhibition Modern Times in the RijksMuseum in amsterdam. 4 of my pictures from the shelter series are part of this exhibition


This month I started on a new photographic investigation of waste. We produce an unbelievable amount of waste, but I see so little of it around in daily life. In my investigation, I want to see whether waste is still really waste. After a day of taking photos, my first impression is that the processing of our food waste strongly resembles the way our food is produced: systematic and efficient.

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At the opening of Plantlab, I had the honour to present the first copy of the book .. to our King. Plantlab commissioned me to create the book Laboratory/Warehouse , and it shows the conversion of an old, industrial warehouse into a hi-tech plant research laboratory.

Warehouse/laboratory. Over the past year, I had the privilege to photograph the transition of an old warehouse into a hi-tech plant research laboratory for the company Plantlab. Based on the results, I was given complete freedom to compose a photographic book together with designer Robin Uleman. My first book of business-related photography. At first glance, the book seems only to be about the refurbishment of an old building. Old junk is cleared away to enable the demolition of existing structures, after which new construction can take place using new ideas and materials. My concept is that this refurbishment is a metaphor for what Plantlab wants to achieve. A change in agriculture. As they say themselves, they are on a mission to feed the world in a more sustainable manner by enabling plants to be grown in hi-tech, enclosed spaces that can be stacked vertically: in other words, ‘vertical farming’. The book will not appear in the bookshops, but I have received 100 books to sell directly to collectors. Each book is signed and numbered. You can order the book via my website, where you can find a video about it.

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Geo  still

Jan Henne from  GEO  Magazine made a nice video Portret about my Food project.


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The russian esquire published a big artikel about Food, in print and on there website. I can’t read it but it looks nice!

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During the opening of the exhibition Brand/Fire! i presented the first copy of our book BRAND/FIRE! to fire fighter Barry. A book i made with Anouk Steketee and Martin Luijendijk about the Amsterdam fire brigade. The book was designed by Kummer & Hermann. You can find it in my store, click here. It’s only 25 euro, a bargain.

Today the first city busses are driving trough Casablanca with my latest work for the project Of Other Spaces. If you would like to see where it’s about, have a look at the website