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25 February 2015. Refuse tip next to the sea on the ring road leading to the ferry terminal. This is the first photo of the place where the new “Jungle” will emerge, although I do not know it yet.

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In the weekend of 25 March 2015, an estimated 500 residents of the old “Jungle” in the woods relocate to the new camp in the dunes. The dunes provided no protection against the force seven winds prevailing at that time.

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From June 2015, the camp really starts to grow. Every time I visit the camp, I hardly recognise it. From the ring road embankment you have a good view of the camp.
This is where the police stand on look-out.

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16 december 2016

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12 March 2016


6 april 2016


July 2016

The Eritrean church forms the centre of the camp. The construc- tion of this striking building was funded by a Catholic Church in Calais. Every Sunday, there are church services that last for hours.

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