Modern Times, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 2015

Avro Kunstuur

SOLO, Jan Cunen Museum 2013.

museum ‘De Pavilloens’ Juni 2012

WATW exposition, Dutch cultural center, Shanghai, april 2009

Humanity House, Den Haag, 2012

Atrium, Den Haag, march 2011

Global Photography, Savignano, Italy, september 2011

BredaPhoto, Breda, september 2008

Re photography from the image at the place where i took the picture 2 years before

After the expo at BredaPhoto I brought the screens to Calais because the pictures were printed on perfect material to make waterproof shelters. One of the screens was used to make the roof of the local mosque. In sept 2009 the police destroyed the camp. On the air photo, taken minutes before the police would destroy the camp you can see the Mosque in the left corner.

REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol